What Processes Are Included In The Maintenance Of Your Rolex Watch

Rolex watches are meticulously crafted, paying close attention to even the smallest details. Rolex has been successful in obtaining chronometer-certified accreditation for every watch it sells because of its dedication to quality. These watches must have the correct maintenance at least every five years to maintain their excellence as precise timekeepers.

However, it is advised to bring diving watches like the Rolex Sea-Dweller to the Rolex Service Centre every eighteen months to have the watch tested for waterproofness. You could get more information at https://www.namsawang.com/th/sea-dweller.

Your Rolex will be completely rebuilt at the Rolex repair center. Let’s examine the processes included in the overhauling procedure in more detail:

• Visual Inspection And Identification

Every Rolex Service Centre must follow the Visual Identification Inspection protocol to identify any fake watch parts and track down any Rolexes that have been stolen.

• A Complete Analysis Of Your Rolex

An experienced technician performs the diagnosis to find any problem affecting the way your Rolex looks or functions. A list of all flaws is made by the technician to address them later when service is initiated. This thorough inspection paints an accurate depiction of your Rolex watch’s operating correctness.

• Upkeep Of The Working And Other Essential Rolex Components

The movement is completely disassembled at the beginning of servicing so that each delicate component may be cleaned carefully. A specific solution is utilized to assist modify the condition of the movement’s lubricants, which may have stiffened. The process of winding the crown including the case tube, among other worn-out components and seals, is replaced with authentic Rolex components at this time.

• Polishing And Cleaning

Both the bracelet and the Oyster case are hand-cleaned and polished. Additionally, the bracelet is fixed if there are any worn-out components, broken links, or other flaws.

• Several Quality Assurance Tests

After a complete cleaning, polishing, and service, your Rolex must pass several demanding quality checks, including the timekeeping test as well as the pressure-proof test.

• Expert Final Quality Assessment

A skilled technician does a last quality check before delivering the watch to the buyer to make sure it is free of all conceivable flaws, both in terms of look and functionality.

If the service of the watch does not take place during the warranty term, every Rolex Service Centre charges the client overhauling or servicing expenses. They provide a guarantee of one year on the repaired Rolex after the work is finished and the money is made.

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